The Mid-Atlantic Regional Seed Bank (MARSB) aims to increase the availability of genetically appropriate native seed across the Mid-Atlantic through targeted seed collection and active seed banking. We are also building a network of diverse partners to collaboratively meet the seed needs for region-wide, landscape-scale restorations.  MARSB is a conservation program established by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation that works closely with Seeds of Success (SOS), a national effort that seeks to collect and bank the entire US flora.  To date, SOS has made over 20,000 native seed collections across the country. As a partner in the SOS program, MARSB’s seed collections not only help meet the seed needs of the Mid-Atlantic, but are also stored long-term for conservation purposes.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Seed Bank takes an ecosystems approach to conservation that results in seed collections across every ecoregion in the Mid-Atlantic. Because wild, genetically appropriate native seed is the raw material needed for ecological restoration projects, we believe this critical resource should be properly safeguarded and managed using sound scientific principals.