MARSB seeks to stimulate the development of a more mature, sustainable supply chain through its five
programmatic areas:

  1. Seed Collection, Banking and Warehousing
  2. Seed Processing and Cleaning
  3. Marketplace Development
  4. Grower Support
  5. Native Plant Material (NPM) Research and Development

MARSB’s most pressing goals are:

  1. A greatly expanded seed collection program across the mid-Atlantic states.
  2. Formation of a regional, mid-Atlantic seed network, to bring together all of the necessary participants for a fully functioning native plant material supply chain.
  3. Development of an online marketplace where users and suppliers can communicate about supply and demand.
  4. Establishment of a regional clearinghouse for the essential technical information needed by growers to enter the market, specifically protocols for storage, germination, production and establishment of NPMs.
  5. Development of cooperative cleaning and seed storage facilities for both wild-sourced and increased seed.
  6. Workshops and individualized advisement to producers and potential producers on the methods of NPM production of both live plants and increased (bulked) seed